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Diversity in Yoga

In preparing to write this blog, I did a little digging to see what people are already saying about the lack of diversity in yoga. Maybe it’s because I am a spicy quesadilla but much of what I saw was missing some very pertinent information… examples of what lack of diversity looks like. Why does this matter? It’s not about harping on what is wrong it is more about shedding light on how minorities (not just race but anyone who is not fair skinned, thin, flexible, etc.) feel in the yoga community. If we can be transparent about what is happening, we can then be a stand for making sure it doesn’t happen in our smaller communities. We can not make a positive shift without everyone’s participation.

With that said, I can only speak from my OWN experiences and those that have been shared with me first hand from close friends… because those experiences have also contributed to the way I view the yoga community. In the spirit of transparency some of what I will say may land with you and some of what I will say will seem foreign or literally not be what you have experienced in the yoga community. There is no real right or wrong in this, just perceptions and realities that cause people to show up in a way. If you are deathly against anything I say and trust me, many of you will be, know that your opinion can not change what has transpired…

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