Business of Yoga & Coaching Tools


As a Director of Teachers for a major studio with seven locations and coaching over 130 teachers, Davina has acquired a wealth of knowledge around coaching teachers, giving compassionate yet constructive feedback, helping teachers improve class attendance by showing up as their authentic selves and through sharing specific sequencing techniques. She has also experienced the business of yoga and the importance of monthly memberships, building community, how much the master schedule matters,etc.

Whether you are a teacher wanting to build your personal brand or a studio owner and need support with how to grow your business, Davina has the expertise to help you grow and evolve. Schedule your consultation TODAY!!!

Initial consult is $75 for teachers and $150 for studio’s TOTALLY worth it.

Some topics that are covered for teachers include:

The Art of Social Media

The yoga industry is a booming industry not just because of the benefits of yoga but because of the way it is marketed aka “sex sells”, the research that suggest that “mindfulness” improves ones emotional well being (more and more doctors are prescribing yoga to patients), the trend in the clothing industry and the “all purpose” yoga pant, etc. Unfortunately, and not to sound gloomy, very few people practice yoga to learn the history of it and all of the aspects of it. As a yoga teacher you will encounter students who attend class for ALLL kinds of reasons…some which may be very different from why you practice yoga. The work is to keep an open mind and to have a teaching philosophy that is true to you and why YOU practice yoga. If you are only interested in the physical practice you will have regular waves of students who attend your class versus a true following. 

There are many benefits to using social media…

  • Promote upcoming events

  • Prompt people to attend your weekly classes

  • Share your humanness with people

  • Share your experience not only as teacher but as a student of the practice

  • Build a brand! If you want to travel teach, lead retreats, etc you will need to build a brand

  • Connect with fellow teachers and students around the world

  • Learn from students misalignments in their videos, learn from students and teachers how to do advanced poses, learn how to explore your body, etc.

Delivery of Instruction

We will discuss effective ways to cue and modify for different types of students.

You can expect to walk away with the skill set necessary to teach an all levels class as well as classes specific to students working with injuries or ailments. This is useful for teachers who are ready to break out of the script often learned in their 200 hour teacher trainings.

Leading Workshops and CET'S 

You will learn the guidelines for leading a safe and successful workshop, you will then create  a workshop proposal, receive feedback and how to's in regards to leading the workshop in real life. In addition to leading workshops we will also discuss what it looks like to lead an effective continuing education training. Trainees can expect a crash course in what leadership looks like as a workshop presenter and teacher trainer.

The Art of Teaching Yoga as an Independent Contractor

Teaching yoga outside of the walls of a yoga studio can be nerve wrecking yet extremely rewarding. Everyone who needs yoga does not attend classes at a yoga studio so how do you bring yoga to them? We will explore how to gain private clients, how to teach private lessons, we will discuss pricing, confidentiality agreements, student waivers, insurance, and so much more!

Authentic Conversations

We will discuss effective ways to communicate free of fear, doubt, or worry.  We will do a series of exercises to tune your listening skills, to discover the difference between reacting vs responding, and to identify what it means to show up as your most authentic self.


You can expect to walk away with the skill set necessary to effectively communicate in a compassionate and constructive way as a means to stay true to self while holding space for others.

Additional topics that can be covered:

  • Yoga Retreats

  • How to become a Traveling Yoga Teacher

  • Leading Yoga Teacher Trainings

  • Opening a Yoga Studio

For Studio Owners & Future Studio Owners

How do you know what you students really want? What ways do you currently build community? What does it feel like when students walk into your studio? What are students saying about your teachers, facility, guest teachers, workshops, etc? Do you offer Yoga Teacher Training? Do you lead it yourself or do you hire trainers to lead it for you?

There are so many questions to ponder before opening a studio and so many that need to be asked on a consistent basis to ensure the success of your studio.

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